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Construction Audits:  How We Work With Clients

We provide expert professional Construction Audit services and work directly with you, the Owner, to provide the solutions and achieve the results you seek.  When you work with us, you are dealing directly with the owners of the firm, the decision makers.  You will not be passed from one department to another as our relationship continues.  You will have our direct line and we will respond immediately to your concerns.

Once the Letter of Engagement is executed, all we need to get started is a copy of your contract, along with any addendums, letter agreements, etc., and a copy of your final application for payment.  We can obtain all other necessary information at the GC’s office during the Construction Audit.

Years of experience, continual training, and Construction Audits of all types of contracts have made our team experts and the leaders in the Construction Audit arena. 
The best time for the close-out Construction Audit is after you have received the Final Application for Payment and while you are still holding the retainage.

Our approach to Construction Audit is simple and straight-forward.  The first step is a thorough review of each page of the Construction Contract.  Then, we visit the general contractor’s office and review all documents related to the construction project.  These documents include but are not limited to job cost reports, contracts with subcontractors, payments to subcontractors and vendors, Owner Change Orders, Subcontractor Change Orders, and correspondence, if available. 

Next, if necessary, we contact the architect or subcontractors directly in order to verify the accuracy of costs and any other information that may need clarification.

Then, our Construction Audit team will issue you a detailed audit report, explaining any exceptions between what your construction contract allows as project costs versus what the general contractor billed.

At this point, we answer any questions you may have regarding our Construction Audit report and ensure you thoroughly understand everything.  Upon receiving your approval, then and only then, is the Construction Audit report forwarded to the general contractor for his review. 
If for any reason you decide not to move forward with the audit, then that is your sole discretion and we hope we can assist you on your next project.

Typical Construction Audit findings include billing errors that may include duplicate invoices, overcharges, math errors, invoices not associated with the project, unreconciled alternates and / or allowances, incorrect fees, unauthorized expenditures, payroll, benefits, equipment, etc. 
We thoroughly review all the financial terms of your contract.

Unless your general contractor agrees with all of our findings, then we will assist you to whatever extent you deem appropriate throughout the remainder of the Construction Audit process, until the check is in your pocket.  We are very skilled at negotiating our Construction Audits to conclusion and often we handle the entire settlement process.  Other times, our clients want to be more involved, so we draft all the rebuttal correspondence, but they do the majority of the negotiating.  We will take whatever role you believe will provide you with the best results for your Construction Audit.

Our goal is to provide value added services to our clients, while delivering assurance and recovery results.

contact us today so our Construction Audit experts can explain more about our risk free no obligation services.

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