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Construction Audit, Construction Audits
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Cost Segregation Study
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Construction Audits:  Solutions and Results

Our clients pay only for solutions and actual results.  This has been our core focus since our company was founded back in 1996 and we wouldn’t have it any other way.  Further, we provide unmatched levels of service, coupled with the utilization of our proprietary methodologies developed over the years, on all of our Construction Audit engagements, thereby affording you the best results possible, as well as the solutions to your problems.

Our Construction Audits, on average, result in 1% to 2% savings of your total construction project costs.  Additionally, our Construction Audits provide you guidance by outlining the various areas of exposure you may encounter on your next construction project.  This gives you the foresight and opportunity to address those issues on the front-end next time around.  The bottom line however, is that we thoroughly review every page of your contract and identify all opportunities for recoveries, whatever they may be.  We leave no stone unturned.

Because we offer contingency-based fees, you will always receive value from our audit.  At the very least, you will have the assurance that you have paid exactly what you should have paid for your construction project.

Construction Audit Solutions

Our Construction Audit experts bring vast experience to you in an effort to help in your Construction Audit needs through a variety of solutions tailored to meet the requirements of the various types of construction contracts.  Our process starts with a thorough review of every page of every document to ensure all opportunities for recovery are addressed.

"Cost Plus" Construction Audit (Includes Guaranteed Maximum Price Contracts, Shared Savings, CM At Risk)

• Verification of all project costs incurred by the general contractor, including proper payroll, overhead, and administrative costs.
• Verification of proper sales and use tax charges.
• Assessment of costs incurred as a result of factors beyond the control of the owner, which, as such, may not be the responsibility of the owner.
• Verification of proper math and methods used by the contractor to develop the final billing, including proper credits for discounts or refundable deposits.
• If appropriate, verification that proper bidding procedures were followed for subcontractors.
• Reconciliation of all alternates and allowances.
• Verification that all costs charged to the job are for this job and that any unused materials or tools are properly credited to the owner.
• Verification that equipment rental rates are not inflated on equipment owned by the general contractor.
• Reconciliation of the "guaranteed-maximum" or "shared savings", if applicable.
• Verification of all change order costs.
• Confirmation of receipt of all lien releases, as-builts and warranty manuals.

"Lump Sum" Construction Audit

• Verification of change orders to confirm that: 
   - none are base scope-related; 
   - all change order calculations are applied accurately per the terms of the contract; 
   - when appropriate, calculations are based upon actual costs, not "estimates".
• Confirmation of receipt of all lien releases, as-builts, and warranty manuals.
• Verification that appropriate performance bonds and insurance coverage were maintained throughout the project.
• Verification that the owner receives any appropriate credits for costs included in the contract price that were paid directly by the owner.
• Reconciliation of all alternates and allowances.
• Verification of proper sales and use tax charges.

Administrative Tools Development

• Contracts
• General Conditions
• Bidding Procedures
• Change Order Tracking Systems

Please contact us today so our Construction Audit experts can explain more about our risk free no obligation services.

Construction Audit Results

Following are some real life examples of how our results oriented services actually helped our clientsCase Studies

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